Camera Choice/Strategy on a Budget.



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    -What is the surface you need to cover, and what is the structure of the rooms (plenty of small rooms or a large open-space)?

    -What is your budget? Are we talking about 500, 1000, 3000?

    -How much time are you able to stay onsite? half a day? a full day? 2 days?

    -What is the expected quality of the produced model? what usage? (VR, close inspection, point cloud inspection?)

    -What is the amount of light you can have? is this bright or very dim?

    From my experience, 28mm can be a bit long for indoor fast coverage, I would go shorter (like 16 to 20 mm eq full frame). But this can work if you have time. I would avoid too small sensors (anything under micro 4/3 will be noisy and not so sharp).


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    Sorry, I should have clarified that part - these are all exteriors. The coverage area is about 100 feet of older buildings...for starters. Think a downtown in a midwest town. Brick!

    My budget is maybe $500 right now. I'm essentially putting together a proof-of-concept that I can use to get more funding from the 'higher-ups'

    I can stay onsite a half day, no problem, but can actually walk over there anytime the lighting is right. But the goal is to be able to be mobile.

    My final output is a reasonably accurate game engine model. So I've be making medium resolution RC models, retopologizing them outside of RC, bringing them back in for texure projection, then back out to the 3D program to prep the materials for the game engine. iPhone test of a small area went wonderfully.

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