Unreal Engine 5 and Nanite - Unlimited Polygons and Textures..


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    You have high hopes about new Unreal Engine 5, I see. I'm happy to believe in this too. 

    I don't see any ways to work with such dense mesh. But even so, we don't need this poligons. 1) You can cut necessery details and use it separated in engine. 2) You can decimate all scene, remove parts you want to be more detailed, correct this parts separately in ZBrush.

    I use Geomagic to correct models. But not more than 70million polygons.

    And now, with new Unreal Engine 5 possibilities I will still make good topology mesh. But what is really help, I can skip UV unwrapping and my light will still be good. Becouse in UE5 we dont need to bake lightmasses (don't believe, honestly)

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