Importing fbx from Zbrush messing up the orientation



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    Lukas Schulz

    Any particular reason you're using FBX to go from Zbrush to RealityCapture?
    Because of baking?

    Otherwise I'd really just use OBJs.

    You could probably just rotate the object inside Zbrush as well, but that's a bit annoying of course.

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    I can go with obj, I was just curious to use fbx all the way.
    The reason of using fbx is cameras I export to Blender along with it to fix textures
    So my workflow is as follow:
    - Scan in RC
    - Export to Zbrush to fix mesh, edges, creating UVs
    - Import to RC to retexture
    - Export FBX with cameras to Blender
    - Reprojecting/cloning missing textures on top branches in Blender
    - Exporting to Speedtree for final

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