PPI licensing, file paths and questions


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    Zuzana Ďuríčková CR

    Dear Marco,

    please excuse our late response.

    1. Once your inputs are licensed, you can use them move them anywhere, or even send them to another person along with the generated license file and that person can use them completely for free in RC. Also, you can move the project but please make sure that the project file and project folder are moved together and saved to the same location. If the location of the inputs is changed, after opening the project RC will ask you to specify a new path for the inputs.

    2. You are licensing all the inputs loaded in the project. Therefore, the recommended workflow is to fine-tune the component, export it into a new project (component can be exported without purchasing), and then calculate the model. This way you pay only for the used inputs during export.

    In this tutorial you can find some tips on how to optimize the price of the project in PPI:



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