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How can I change the mouse button to rotate?



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    Wallace Wainhouse CR

    Hi Horikawa,

                     It's under "Navigation Style", you can try "autodesk" or "leica", I hope one of them works for you, for both of these options the right button will zoom rather than rotate.

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    It worked, and I can rotate my model with left-button.
    But, I can't zoom the model for now😭 (I've tried both "autodesk" and "leica".)
    I hope, I can

    • rotate the model with mouse wheel-drag
    • zoom in / out with mouse wheel.
    • move view point with shift+wheel-drag

    like Blender.


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    Wallace Wainhouse CR


      I have added your feedback to a feature request and your input will increase it's priority.

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