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    Wallace Wainhouse CR

    Hi Haryo,

                 You can change the amount of parts by going to the advanced reconstruction settings, and changing the "Maximal vertex count per part". The default setting is 5million, but as you can see in this example for model 3 i changed it to 10 million, and halved the number of parts.

    It is possible to texture individual parts, but I'm afraid at present it is a laborious workflow, and might not work too well for you. First export your model and make sure to use "save mesh by parts"

    you won't need textures at this stage.

    Then you will need to import each part as an individual model, and unwrap and texture each one seperately. You will not be able to link or join them in RealityCapture. They would have to be exported as individual models. I understand this is not really feasible for a model made of hundreds of parts.

    We do have a feature request for more control in this area.

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