Leica BLK3D workflow ???


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    Wallace Wainhouse CR

    Hi Kevin,

                  When you already have your component from the blk3d, then import the files from your camera, select all of the camera inputs, and make sure you set the prior pose to unknown. Now you can hit align , and you should have a new component with the blk files and your camera images in it, assuming you have good enough inputs from your camera. 

    If it doesn't do this you may need to use some control points and try again.

    Regarding the focal length, the focal length of your camera does not need to reflect the focal length of the BLK. It's all about just making sure all your photos make a nice alignment by themselves. If they would make a decent component without the blk3d then you should get a decent alignment when you need to join them. Indoors it's good to go quite wide especially with a crop sensor. Reality Capture will calculate the 35mm equivalent of your lens regardless of sensor type.

    Also this video might help with scaling https://youtu.be/qb4EPyLBRHM


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