Inverted alignment




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    Zuzana Ďuríčková CR

    Hello camaleondigital,

    do you have a prior position in the exif data of the images? Can you please share a screenshot of your situation and the distribution of the control points? 

    Also, have you tried to reset the application settings, clearing the cache and georeference the scene in a clear project?

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    All the images are from rasperry pi cameras in horizontal position, they are in a miniset o cameras in a 360º position arround the object.

    At this moment i´m not infront of the University computer and i can´t do screenshot.

    I reset application setting and clear everything and i dont know why is inverted when it finish the alignment.

    I made a draw with an example of the problem. 

    Any idea of the solution?




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    Zuzana Ďuríčková CR

    It is hard to determine the cause without seeing the actual scene. It would be helpful if you could send us the project with the placed ground control points for inspection.

    The reason of such behavior could be that you defined your GCPs in the left-handed coordinate system and RC expects right-handed coordinate system. Since with these 4 GCPs only the XY plane is defined RC orients Z axis so that it agrees with the right-handed coordinate system and therefore your object might be upside down. Is this the case? Would it be possible to sketch the distribution of the control points in the XY plane? 

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