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aligning frame from video




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    Zuzana Ďuríčková CR

    Hello Marco,

    just to clarify the situation, your images have been registered to one component but the position of the frames from video are not correctly calculated/placed? Are there misaligned areas? 

    If the part from the frames has been connected to incorrect part from the other cameras, you can try to use control points to match them correctly and align again.

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    If these photos were taken in the same session as the video, taken from the same place as the video path, RC usually automatically aligns photos and video frames into components.
    If these are photos taken from a different place, different angle, they have to be aligned with control points.

    Avoid adding single photos to the video-based model. They may lead to serious misalignments.
    Series of photos added to video frames may improve the model quality.

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