Mov video support and maximum file size stimation



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    Lucia CR

    hello, this is Lucia from the contact form :)


    QuickTime is a .mov. format, it should work if you have the Windows codecs, and it does for me,

    I would not convert anything unless it was really necessary because there is usually some loss


    RealityCapture can recognize your GPU: RECONSTRUCTION tab / Settings / Image depth map calculation / GPU to use;

    the notification is also there, as you have pointed out - it is explained in more detail in the 'Real-time Scene Renderer' tutorial in the help section of the software, it is worth reading through it since this notification only tells you that you cannot see the mesh in the 3D window because you have reached the threshold (you will just see the point cloud instead), but the full mesh will still be output eventually (it is just a matter of time* - depending on your computer resources) and be actually in there - you can see it when you export render, video or mesh itself

    *if it is not and an error occurs, then there is something else going on, possibly a bug which is usually impossible to tell in advance

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