Merging Multiple Components and Using Over 2500 Images



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    Hi Jim,

    The more expensive licences that allow unlimited photo input will handle the 10,00 photos. That's its draw card.

    Keep in mind that the more photos you have the more RAM will be consumed during the alignment phase. At some point you will reach the maximum memory limit of your rig and the alignment will fail.

    You might find it better if you cluster your photos into 2500 sets and process them one set at a time on the promo licence. Then export each one as say an OBJ and merge then into a single OBJ using 3DS or similar. Not ideal, and you need to know that each 2500 photo sets will process together and make a particular section at a time. If you can afford the higher end licence its the simpler workflow.

    Extract from RC help:

    You can easily register unlimited number of images/laser-scans on a single machine. However, it requires a specific workflow using components. In such case 16GB should be enough for thousands high (36-80 MPX) resolution images. You can find more information about components workflow in the application Help, section Using components.

    To align unordered set of images into one component you will need a certain amount of RAM. The consumption depends on a count of images (irrespective of their size) and a count of features per image. If you restrict the count of features per image from default 40K to 20K, you will double the count of images which can use the same amount of RAM.


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    Lucia CR

    hello, with the Promo/PGM license, you are not allowed to use more than 2,500 images and/or laser scans per project:

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    Jim Birkett

    Thank you very much for the help.  I really appreciate the advice and I'll check out the OBJ export and see how easy it is to put the models together and thanks for the tip on lowering the feature count.  If needed I'll step up to the unlimited image version.  Much appreciated,


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