Set reconstruction region resets




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    Rafa CR

    You can adjust reconstruction region by clicking it's borders  in 3d view (white border lines). 

    If you chose option - Set Reconstruction Region automatically it will always "reset" to the most optimum area.  

    In help section you can find more information how to work with reconstruction region. 


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    when you cut, you have to press set reconstruction region to see the box again, and then it resets, what I want to do is cut in half, easiest way is to have the box sit there and press cut inside and cut outside, but it doesn't show the box when you go back to the previous model, it resets it to the original model size.. 

    also it moves to the middle Tools menu, instead of the one on the right where the set reconstruction region is located and I keep on pressing those menu buttons over and over again.. 

    ..why so many same menu names, don't get the point - is there a custom menu to sort my own.. 

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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Hi robob3ar0510,

    we can create this as a feature request.

    For now you can save the reconstruction region before using Cut by box and then import it back to the same spot.

    Regarding to tabs, are you able to see also the names of tabs in the application (Scene 1D, Scene 3D)?

    That is basically the section for tools which can be used.

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