Improved 100% UV Utilization Regardless of Image Size Input for 4K, 8K or 16K Export



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    admin from IR



    I guess so? It was a bit vague in their request post.


    "Can you try to set the "RECONSTRUCTION \ Settings \ Advanced \ Use legacy unwrap algorithms" to false and try to unwrap again?

    There is a new algorithm that should work better.... - Michal 1 Year Ago"

    "You can consider it as experimental. We implemented it but had to swith to another tasks so it is not yet approved. It is needed to be tested properly, the tool needs to pass internal reviews etc. it is a process. But we released it in this form so that we can get a feedback meanwhile. So any comments on the new unwrap are welcome.

    The difference is that it should produce better utilization.

    Have you tried it? Do you like the results? - Michal 1 Year Ago"


    What was the conclusion from that? That there's an experimental version that customers should test, that's not approved?

    Their results still only seemed to achieve below 80% utilization nor does it address being able to generate 16k textures at will with no restrictions.

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    Lucia CR

    the new algorithm has been adopted, it is still being improved day by day though

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    admin from IR

    Thanks. My original post still stands as you can see from the results posted using the new algorithm

    For the time being we will re-pack UV's outside of Reality Capture and can then bake at any resolution in Reality Capture. It just incurrs additional CLI processing penalties.

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    Seeing that it takes years to perfect UV algorithms, wouldn't it be a quick solution to allow baking textures at resolution independent of resolution set in Unwrap settings? This way, we'll just use 4k or 8k for unwrap settings if it results in more optimal UV space utilization, and do actual texture baking at 16k or whatever we need.



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