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CR Competition: Dragons Around the World [ENDED]



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    Seiryū known as the Azure Dragon protector of Kyoto (japan) and One of the 5 gods of the the Onmyōdō  “the Way of Yin and Yang”

    he represents the season: Spring, the material: Wood and the East direction

    the 4 others gods are:
    Byakko is the white tiger representing Autumn and Metal and the West direction
    Suzaku: the Vermillion Sparrow, representing Summer and Fire and the South direction
    Genbu: the Black Tortoisel, representing Winter and Water and the North direction
    Kirin: The Yellow Dragon, representing the Changing Seasons and Earth to the Center

    those 5 gods are linked to the Kuji-kiri, esoterism practice, known in Shugendo and Shingon Mikkyo

    this statue is from a fountain (chozuya) located to Heian-jingu in Kyoto represented in a pair with Byakko is the white tiger, they show the east and the west

    Area: Okazaki Nishitennocho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8341

    NO Post process, 
    650 pics DSLR (NX 500- NX45 lens) 

    part of the actions done by my NPO, going to junior high school to teach photogrammetry and 3D printing 

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    The most famous dragon in Poland:] Wawel Dragon. To create this model together with my brother, we took 769 photos. 250 from the air(DJI Phantom 4Pro) and 520 from the ground(Nikon D810). Unfortunately lighting conditions were not favorable:/ Using a tool like Colorchecker was totally useless:/ This is Raw mesh edited only in RC and exported to Sketchfab directly from RC.

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    Waiting to detect other dragons in Italy, I propose the 3D scan of this bas-relief in city where I live, Pisa, and precisely placed in most important monument of city, the leaning tower. Bas-reliefs are two, one on right and one on left of the tower entrance (the one on right is being processed) and depict a bear, a dragon and a ram. The Middle Ages was an era full of symbolism and some believe that these figures represent the constellations to which they refer (Ursa major, Draco and Aries).

    Made with 84 images Nikon D850, 200mm

    3D model RAW is 12 M polygons, reduced to 100k for publication on Sketchfab 

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    Forgotten Dragon from Krakow


    1. Sketchfab Model
    2. Flythrough Video 

    462 images in 02h:03m:35s.

    Camera: Nikon D610
    Lens: Nikon AF NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8D
    Tripod + Monopod, Camera Crane, Xrite ColorChecker

    2 hours of shooting pictures

    The second monument of the Wawel Dragon in Krakow. It’s called forgotten because even local inhabitants don’t know about it existment of this monumen, tourist guides also do not write anything about it. Historical background of it is unknown and not directly specified. It was cast in 2004, the author is P. Piszczkiewicz, placed on a pedestal around which an exhibition for paving products was arranged in the form of an arranged park space. For many years, the monument destroyed and undergo devastation, the monument has many cavities - lack of tail, paws, claws. The area on which the Dragon stands is neglected and belongs to the Treasury and is leased by a private paving company. Poland, Krakow - Nowa Huta, Kornela Makuszyńskiego street.

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    Dragons Gate | Krakow, Lea Street

    1. Sketchfab Model

    2. Flythrough Video


    218 images in 01h:23m:07s

    Portal of the tenement house, modernism, project arch. Zygmunt Gawlik 1928-29

    Camera: Nikon D610
    Lens: Nikon AF NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8D
    Monopod, Xrite ColorChecker
    about 30 minutes of shooting pictures

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    Dragon named "Spawuś"

    239 images in 00h:57m:35s.

    Mascot of the Chair of Metal Science and Powder Metallurgy - AGH University of Science and Technology

    Camera: Nikon D610
    Lens: Nikon AF NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8D
    Polarizing filter, Xrite ColorChecker, Monopod
    about 30 minutes of shooting pictures, most of them were taked form hand



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    Monument of Krak fighting with dragon

    292 images in 01h:28m:20s.

    Prince Krak (also known as Krakus) is the legendary ruler of Poland with its headquarters in the city of Wawel. The name Krakow is derived from his name. Krakus is credited with many great deeds, including the defeat of the dragon, depending on the version of the legend - alone or with the help of a shoemaker Skuby. In the applications he is presented as a wise and just man, and at the same time long-lived.

    In fact, historical Krak could have been the leader of the Vistula tribe who came to Lesser Poland around 700 AD He probably reigned in the first half of the eighth century. Mentioned in “The Life of Saint Methodius”, a strong prince sitting at Wiślech could be one of his successors.

    Camera: Nikon D610
    Lens: Nikon AF NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8D
    Xrite ColorChecker, Monopod
    less than 1 hour of shooting pictures, most of them were taked form hand


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    Medieval Dragon on leaning Tower (Pisa)-part 2

    Here is the second dragon, in bas-relief, to the right of the entrance to the tower of Pisa. In the scene there is a bull, a dragon and a bear that bites the dragon’s tail. Below an inscription reads: “+ AN DNI (M) CLXXIIII CAPANILE HOC FVIT FVDATVS MSE AVG” which means “This bell tower was founded in the year 1174 in the month of August”.


    Nikon D850, 200mm

    92 images

    Raw model 12.1 M poligons reduced to 100k for publication on Sketchfab

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    Wooden Dragon on the playground

    1. Sketchfab Model

    2. Flythrough Video

    1037 images in 09h:47m:14s on Normal reconstruction mode, 209M tris generated.

    It’s ~20 meters long wooden dragon that is located on playground called “dragons square” in Krakow, Poland.

    Camera: Nikon D610
    Lens: Nikon AF NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8D
    2 hours of shooting photos.

    Most of the photos were taken form hand some of them were supported with monopod.

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    After searching for dragons for many days in my city and finding some interesting ones (the medieval dragons of the tower of Pisa), I came across Giulio Golinelli's marvelous sculptures (

    I wrote to him and requested permission to digitize his dragon sculptures, which are extremely detailed.

    Sketchfab model:

    Here is the result of the first scan, "the Dragon Hunter"

    This sculpture was created by Giulio to be installed inside an aquarium.

    Detailed information here:

    on a project by Oliver Knott for the contest "The Art of the Planted Acquarium" in Hanover, 2013

    Nikon D750, 50mm

    245 images. Raw model 25M polygons

    I can't upload directly on sketchfab from rc for a script problem

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    Agon Rodriguez

    Thai Dragon King Of Naga #RC

    I´ve picked this amazing Thai Dragon, guardian at the entrance of a Buddhist Temple. Location; Benálmadena, Málaga (Spain).

    Here is the result of it!. I hope you guys like it!!.

    Location Picture;

    Due to the weather and lighting conditions, I had to cover the hole model in two differents days, which results on two different lighting situations, there for I decided that since the model in real life were B&W, post processing all the images to B&W removing the colors, could be the perfect way to avoid those lighting and colors, to interfeer into the final model.

    Reality Capture Screenshots;

    Final Render;

    Created from 695 images (Canon SL1- 18-55mm).

    Finally I would love to thank the organizers of this challenge, and to all of you, that promotes photogrammetry, pushing every day its infinite possibilities even further!!.


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    hfmcag 1

    Dragon and Samurai Known as the “One Eyed Dragon of the North”


    In Aoba shirine (Sendai Japan), chozusha (purification trough) consist of a stone water basin, with Dragon and Masamune Date (1567–1636) statue, covered by a structure. Known as the “One Eyed Dragon of the North”, Masamune Date, the lord of Sendai, was an outstanding tactician, a brilliant leader, fearless warrior, and was one of the most intelligent regional ruler of his time.

    #RCdragons #realitycapture

    255 images from Panasonic Lumix-GH4. No post-processing.



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    Frank Zwick 1


    I found this DragonSculpture for sale, located in Nuremberg/Germany

    43 photos taken handheld (approx.10 minutes)

    processing time approx. 25 minutes

    no postprocessing

    tested CR-reprojection feature (7Million Tris to decimated 60K)

    ready for mobile devices: 

    #RCdragons #realitycapture

    some screenshots:



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    Since it's currently a very snowy winter here in Montreal, Canada, I had to find a dragon that I could scan inside. 

    Lucky enough my son allowed me to barrow his dragon...aka T-rex with wings.

    I used a Canon 5dsR with a 35mm lens, and took 300 pictures to be sure to get all the small details out.

    All images have been color corrected using the xrite passport.

    And finally processed with RealityCapture without any post processing done on the 3d model.

    Link to the low res version on SketchFab:

    #RCdragons #realitycapture

    Thanks to the RC team for this great competition!

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    Dragon pillars or Long Zhu

    Dragon pillars or Long Zhu is a form of Chinese decorative arts and architecture that is popular in the palace, temples and shrines
    The carving of the dragon pillar is carved on stone and wood.
    Some decorated with multi-colored glazed tiles.
    The dragon will appear in the manner of twisting around the pole or in a soaring position on the clouds.
    Chinese people often say that they are dragon species. Or known as " Longteruan " meaning dragon blood. Implies the descent of the same root.
    Dragon in the meaning of Chinese is more than a mythical animal or a magical animal in the annals.
    Believed that dragons were created from the introduction of unique symbols of ancient tribes and gathered by "Huang Yi"
    Including the head of a pig, the ear of a cow, the beard of a goat, the horn of a deer, the body of a snake, the fish's scales and the hawk 's feet
    Come together as a worship pillar that has a Totem style.
    It may be possible to create a sacrifice and worship.
    And it may be possible to create for each tribe that has the same symbol. That is the origin of the image "Dragon".
    The symbol of the dragon not only believed that there was a mysterious power
    It still believed in the supernatural power of dragons that bring rain and rain to humanity, bring abundance prosperity, and happiness to people.
    Therefore, the dragon symbol is created in different parts of Chinese architecture.
    Whether it is a roof, wall, window, floor and pillar used to support the weight of the building all created in a dragon pattern.
    The creation of a dragon dragged around the pole, therefore, there is a source and conform to the beliefs of the dragon.
    Because the meaning that is hidden in the dragon is goodness, glory and trust that it is a magical animal and has great power over any other magical creature.

    All 1,680 images.

    1186 from the air (DJI Phantom 4Pro)

    and 494 from the ground (Camera:Sony A7R II lense 28 mm f2, 90mm f2.8 ).

    We flown manually to capture the images because the narrow and not secure area for flight with the program.

    On ground most of the photos were taken from hand some of them were supported with tripod.

    Both we use 2.5 hours of shooting photos.

    No Post processing.

    It very hard to scan because of shiny and reflection surface. and it height 6.9 meters.


    Location: Golden dragon cave temple Ratchaburi Thailand



    #RCdragons #realitycapture


    RC Screenshots; 

    Some screenshot of working.

    Unfortunately It can't upload directly on sketchfab from RC for a script problem.

    Thanks to the RC team for any things help and this great competition!

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    Pavel Rigsters

    Luckily, we have a few dragons in Denmark :) 

    The scanned dragon is located in the heart of Copenhagen close to the old harbor and is a part of the 'Dragon Tower'. Building designed by architects Emil Blichfeldt (1849-1908) and Geoffrey Tvede (1863-1947). 

    The capture has taken place nearly 2 years ago, back in my work days in the 'Dragon Tower'.

    Gear used:
    Nikon D800; Nikkor 24-70mm; Nikkor 300mm; Sigma Art 24mm; Monopod

    The sculpture is positioned about 4m above the ground, which didn't make it easy to get the right camera angles. Most of the photos have been taken from an eye-level with variable focal lengths. Shooting it from across the street with 300mm gave a better perspective on the top parts and more close-up shots have been taken with a monopod lifted as high as possible. After convincing confused neighbors from a building across the street, I was able to get extra footage from above the dragon. However, some of the top data still remains missing. 

    Reconstruction in Reality Capture at High detail took around 24 hours and resulted in 449 parts and 676.5M tris. 
    Sketchfab model simplified to 200k and texture reprojected from a 30M textured mesh. 
    All the processing was done A-Z in Reality Capture without models leaving the software. Apart from the 'Upload to Sketchfab' process, since it wasn't working due to a script error. 

    Sketchfab model:

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    Hello everyone.

                         Here is one I shot on a family Vacation last Month. I didn't know anything about the contest at the time. I love to shoot a dozen or so solves when I'm on vacation (although my kids think its funny)

    Tsukubai (Purification Wash Basin) at Senso-ji Temple,

    Tsukubai Senso-ji Sensoji (浅草寺, Sensōji, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) is a Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. It is one of Tokyo's most colorful and popular temples.

    The legend says that in the year 628, two brothers fished a statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, out of the Sumida River, and even though they put the statue back into the river, it always returned to them. Consequently, Sensoji was built nearby for the goddess of Kannon. The temple was completed in 645, making it Tokyo's oldest temple.

    Shot By Ken Stranahan on A family Vacation on Feb 19.

    its not a great quality shoot like we do at work. But I love what I do and just happened to Shoot a dragon! . 

    the solve was from was 137 Images On a Sony A7s Shot in about 5 minutes. 



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    Hello everyone!
    I was looking for a dragon statue for days near Budapest, but I couldn't find one that I would have liked or that posed a challenge from a photogrammetric aspect/point of view, so I was thinking of an unusual idea. I made several scans for museums and as I could recall, I saw a particularly spectacular preparation/taxidermy in the national natural history museum, so I thought I can give it a try. Fortunately, the heads of the museum were really helpful and they supported the capturing and produced the necessary documents.
    I was lucky with the light-conditions and the hall was not crowded, so I could take photos with no pressure on me.

    My gear: During capturing, I used X-rite Color Chart, as a camera: Sony α 6000 with Sony E PZ 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS and Sony SEL 30mm f/3.5 Macro lens, plus led ring light for darker close-ups. For the upper angle, I used Manfrotto Compac Monopod with RM-VS1 wired shutter release remote controller.

    I used version Steam RC.

    Hope you like the result :)
    The model and the previews have no post process, but in the future I will clean it and make some additional render. 
    Sketchfab link: The Dragon of Komodo

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    I add this model for the competition:
    * shot a year ago (I don"t have anymore the datas from RC)
    * shot with a NX500 / NX45: 1500 pics (around) 

    Zennyo Ryūō and Kūkai

    Zennyo Ryūō is one of the Hachi-ryūō (8 Dragon Kings), also known as rain-god.

    Kūkai also known as Kōbō-Daishi, propagated buddhism in japan between the 8th and 9th centuries, founder of the Shingon sect: esoteric buddhism, learnt after studying in china, He is also known as creator of the terakoya (system of free education for everyone without distinctions)
    creator of the Jūjūshinron (treatise of the 10 stages of the development of mind), popularized the Sokushinbutsu: entrance in buddhism mummificatition while alive by ascetism
    Kūkai  is the most known spiritual founder of japan, from arts (poems, calligraphy...) to social actions and spiritual devotions, he is respected and still admired 

    According to the Konjaku Monogatarishū wrote between 790-1180:
    The emperor Saga requested to Kūkai by practicing the doctrine of the sutra of rain-praying (daiunkyō), to solve the long period of dryness which happens. After 7 days of ritual the rain-god appeared to him to let him know that everything will be solved, then a dark cloud arrived and rain was pourring down. statue located to Ryusenji in dorogawa

    PS: the sound is a practicing made everyday at the temple

    3D model:

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    2nd category: For RC newbies – A fly-through video of a dragon model

    Last quarter 9th century.
    Provenance: Prasat Kok Po A Temple, Puok District
    Location : Paris, Guimet Museum - National Museum of Asian Arts

    Capture with Canon 100D ISO200 18mm. ONLY 64 SHOTS.

    Overall process duration 01h:40m:43s for generated 80Millions polygons.

    It is very difficult to find dragons in Paris. Loving the Guimet Museum so much for his works, I took the initiative of going to search for a work that resembles a dragon. This work was the one that was the best enlightened, I captured because the amount of detail on a stone is fascinating especially when you know its date of creation.


    Youtube link : 


    Thanks for let us scan the history !


  • Had to give this 500 year old wooden sculpture a try, even tho its like 8 meters tall, standing in a dark church. It is truly epic irl.

    Saint George and the Dragon is a late medieval wooden sculpture depicting the legend of Saint George and the Dragon, located in Storkyrkan in Stockholm, Sweden. It is attributed to Bernt Notke and was commissioned by the Swedish regent Sten Sture the Elder. It was inaugurated in 1489.

    497 pictures - Nikon D5600
    30 million polygons
    Overall processing time: 7 hours 8 minutes

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    Benoit Rogez

    2nd category: For RC newbies – A fly-through video of a dragon model
    Video :

    Hello everyone,
    Like SDRN, I'm from Paris. I decided to look for dragons at the Musée du Louvre. There are only a handful of those creatures over there, and most of them aren't suitable for photogrammetry : they are either made of glass or very poorlly lit. I ended up choosing this statue by Paul-Ambroise Slodtz, created in 1732. It used to be on a building in Paris and was later moved to the Louvre.

    Shooting this dragon was not as easy as I hoped : it is hanged on a wall (red circle) which means that when you're facing it, you are well below it. Using a tripod or monopod is forbidden at the Louvre.
    In order to get different point of views and to reconstruct the whole dragon, I decided to shoot from three different levels (red arrows). I used a Sony A7RII and two lenses : a 28-70mm and a 70-200mm. The 70-200 was very helpful to get some very different point of views.
    Another issue was the lighting : this was a windy & partly cloudy day, which meant that the light was changing between pictures. I decided not to use fixed settings and just to try to expose each picture correctly. I know this can be risky, but RealityCapture usually does a pretty good job at blending pictures.

    In the end, I'm quite happy with the result. RealityCapture created a 42 millions triangles 3D model ; this was too heavy for my GPU to display, so I used the Simplify Tool to lower the triangle count a little bit, then I created the texture and captured the video.

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    2nd category:

    St. George kills the Dragon (Zagreb, Croatia)

    The theme of St George killing the dragon has been a popular motif since medieval times, symbolizing the struggle between good and evil.

    This particular portrayal of the saint was produced by Austrian sculptor Anton Fernkorn. The original made its way to a noblemans palace in Vienna in 1853, although a zinc cast was brought to Zagreb. This bronze copy was placed at its current location in 1908, since when the virtuous knight has been on display killing the dragon for just over a century. (source:


    3D model created from 1095 photos [735 Canon EOS 350D (old low end DSLR 8 MPx) + 360 DJI P4P+]

    Full res model (cleaned):   47M polygons

    Reduced model: 1.1M polygons


    30 sec youtube video:

    extended youtube video:




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    Jindrich Plzak
    The bronze riding statue of St. George, stabbing the dragon with a spear, situated in the third courtyard of the Prague Castle, in the Czech republic. The statue stands on a high pedestal in the middle of a modern round, shallow fountain at a level created by J. Plečnik in place of a Baroque fountain which stood there originally and was taken down and moved to George Square in the 1990’s. The original statue is stored in the collections of the National Gallery, the actual statue is a copy from 1967. The statue of Saint George is regarded as one of the most outstanding Gothic sculptures in the Czech Republic. The dragon is just receiving the deadly stub right into its mouth, while its tail is rolled up on one of the legs of the horse.
    Canon EOS 700D + 18-55 mm IS STM - 415 images taken handheld and used tripod (two focal lengths of the lens were used)
    The statue is located high (about 3 m) and there were many tourists moving around. The flag is rotating in the wind.
    Raw model 36M polygons and simplify to 2,5M polygons.
    3D model:
    Capturing Reality #RCdragons #RealityCapture
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    Wawel Dragon Once Again:]


    #RCdragons #RealityCapture

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    Balazs Gyurics

    Hello everyone!

    I grabbed the opportunity and by the apropos of this contest I reached the Museum of Marcali, in Hungary to ask for permission by capturing my favorite and most admired dragon related sculpture in my country, the Hikman Dragon.

    Lucky me I got the permission and the support of the museum to accomplish the scanning.

    The sculture it self was made in 1930 as the sign of Master Hikman's locksmith workshop. The dragon sign is a man-sized iron sculpture

    Béla Hikman (1887-1958) was a locksmith, but a true artist was hiding behind the craftsman profession.

    His works were greatly influanced by the flow of secession, that he was able to observe closely till his years of studies in Budapest. After his studies in Budapest he moved to Marcali, where he built up his imposing workshop, the Hikman Villa, that still can be seen in Marcali with it's several masterpiece smithworks, that all holds the signs of secession and shows true talent of it's maker.

    The Hikman Dragon belongs to Béla Hikman's grandchildren and can be visited and seen in the Museum of Marcali.

    I hope you like it!

    I used 701 images

    the mesh that was constructed under normal setup was 15 mill tris

    I decimated it down inside RC with simplify tool to 450K to optimaze it for sketchfab.

    Just realityCapture was used, I did not toched the mesh with any external DCC tool - what you see, thats how RC solved it (I used just some filtering here and there inside RC)  - sketchfab  - YouTube

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    Hi all,

    so almost in the last moment but I made it too! :)

    There's not much dragons left in Czech republic, because saint George killed them almost all, so I had to travel like 200km to find one surviving :).

    Dragon is located in Ronov nad Sázavou an it is a made-up image of a dragon that often appears in Czech fairy tales and legends. The statue is about 5m tall but it was scanned completely from the ground, without using a drone.

    The name on the stone he's holding (Apoly) is actually name of the company nearby, so his purpose is probably just to hold this ad banner. A little sad for such a majestic animal :).

    Technical data about scanning process:

    Number of photos: 602
    Used equipment: Sony A7R + tripod (but some of photos was captured by hand)
    Approx. scanning time: 1h 30m
    Processing time: 12h 08m (processed on notebook)
    Nr. of polys in raw mesh: 195M (processed in normal detail, would not make it in time on high)



    Sketchfab link:



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    Andrej Boleslavsky

    As our friend here, Libor Telupil said, it seems there are not many dragons left, but this challenge led me to discover many and so I made a journey to pay them a visit!

    During this challenge I started to see the dragons everywhere :)

    First, I made a Google search for sculptures and heraldry symbols to find places of interest. I've ended up with this map and went for an incredible journey, met lot of amazing people who helped.

    Lindwurmgasse – Dračí ulička, Trutnov

    First model I'd like to share with you is from Lindwurmgasse - Dračí ulička - Dragon street in the Czech city Trutnov. Sculpture was created by the artist Paulina Skavova, spodní část připomínající pahorek kameník Petr Beneš

    Legend has it that in 1006, the founder of Trutnov, Albrecht from Trautenberg and his crew slayed the dragon which than became a symbol used in the heraldry of this city. The city does even have it's own museum of dragons.

    This was the most easy shooting of them all, as the sculpture is publicly available,  weather was almost perfect and the only challenge was to wait for a little boy to leave. He found the dragon very interesting when he saw me taking the pictures of it and started to jump all around it :).


    Technical data about scanning process:

    Sony A5100 24MPx ASP-C CMOS + 16-50mm PZ OSS


    343 images

    Shooting time about 1 hour, reconstruction in 3hours.


    Sketchfab link:

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    Andrej Boleslavsky

    The Fairytale Dragon of Jičín, Czech Republic

    This model is my favourite, when I only saw pictures of this dragon and red articles about the controversies surrounding location selections, protests from local citizens and members of the art community, I was not convinced. But after I've seen the dragon on my own eyes, I started to really love it.


    Located in the small square of the Czech city Jicin, the iron sculpture was created by the artist Jiří Kmošek as his graduation work from the High School of Applied Arts in Trutnov, the aforementioned city embracing dragons. Wow, he is a talented and driven young guy!



    Technical data about scanning process:

    Sony A5100 24MPx ASP-C CMOS + 16-50mm PZ OSS

    580 images

    Shooting time about 1 hour, reconstruction in 3 hours.


    Sketchfab link:

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    Andrej Boleslavsky

    The Belfry Dragon of Ghent, Belgium

    Recently I went to Netherlands, as I was already on the hunt for the dragons, my friend from Belgium recommended me to make I trip to Ghent and scan their famous the gilded copper Dragon constructed in 1377-1378, which is now exhibited inside of the Belfry of Ghent tower, while the top of the tower is decorated with a replica. 

    The shooting was difficult, as there was no light inside of the tower. Fortunately, I had a chance to use the tripod, but I made the photo shooting last lot longer.



    Technical data about scanning process:

    Sony A5100 24MPx ASP-C CMOS + 16-50mm PZ OSS

    Samsung S8 RAW

    537 images

    Shooting time about 1 hour, reconstruction in 3 hours.


    Sketchfab link:

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