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    You can use the Simplify tool to reduce your polycount to the desired specs, then unwrap your new Low-poly model, and use the Texture Reprojection tool to transfer RGB data (if your high-res model is already textured). Otherwise use RC to generate a new texture from the photos in your component. 


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    Thank you very much.

    So I have to:

    1) click on Simplify Tool

    2) Click on unwrap

    3) Click on Texture Reprojection in order to apply texture to simplified mesh?

    In my first attempts I used instant-mesh to simplify the mesh, but texture is lost using it. How could I proceed in such case?

    Many thanks :-)


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    Lucia CR

    hello, simplification always removes texture, you need to run texturing for a simplified model anew

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    Thank you for the feedback, and sorry for the dummy question :-) So, I have to create high model with texture (entire workflow), then click on simplify, click on unwrap and then click on texture in order to create and apply texture to the simplified model?

    Moreover, I image that I'll fine two texture file (.jpg), correct? Finally, what value is suggested for the reduction? How could I act to gain small texture (1024x1024), My initial texture is 8192x8192. Which criteria could be used for choosing texture dimension?

    Thank you a lot, and sorry for the maybe stupid questions!

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    Rafa CR


    Here are two possible workflows here. 

    1. If you are planning to use only simplified model then create high quality model - simplify it and then texture simplified version only. 


    2. You can create hi quality model with texture. Then simplify the model and use Reprojection tool - to reproject high quality texture on to simplified model. This workflow works best with highly simplified models. 

    You can change your texturing settings in unwrap tool. There you can set as well how many textures will be created for particular model. 


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