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    Hi Tuna,

    How are you going about "Locking your components"? Have you tried exporting XMPs as locked?  I would try that for all the inputs inside your "Images+Lidar" component, then try to force the remaining LSPs in. 

    Other reason why the scans are not going together may be due to the import settings when the LSPs were first created. Was it set to Unregistered, or Draft registration? 

    I have never dealt with a similar scenario so am pretty curious how it turns out. 
    Good luck! 


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    Tuna Capar

    Hi Valerio,

    Thanks for the input! 

    By "locking the components", I was referring to locking the pose of a given component which comprises of Images+LiDAR. My idea was basically to generate a component of Images+LiDAR for each level (3) separately, and then combine them in another project by importing these 3 individual components. All the images alone can be aligned without a problem, and the same applies for Images+LiDAR combination for each individual, I thought it would be possible.

    I actually imported the scans as "exact registration" in those individual projects to register the images to the scans , and then exported them in a new project and changed their absolute pose to unknown except for one component.

    If I can come up with a result, I will update this entry! 



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