CLI Command "Change Image Path"



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    admin from IR

    As a paying CLI (Technical support) customer. Any help from CR would be greatly appreciated.

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    Zuzana Ďuríčková CR

    Hello admin from IR,

    currently there is no RC command that allows this but I will forward this to the developers for discussion.

    In the meantime you can either replace the source images in the original folder using the Windows commands or you can rewrite the paths directly in the .rcproj file. 

    In the application Help, you can download the script that shows how to replace the images in the source folder so that a different set of images is used for alignment and reconstruction and a different set of images is used for texturing. In this case the camera positions for both sets of images have to be the same. The path to the specific section in Help is:

    Export, Import and Re-use Computations: -> Full-body Scans and Coordinate System Preservation -> Coordinate System Preservation with XMPs

    The workflow is described in this video:

    In the future, in order to make sure that we respond to your inquiry as soon as possible please contact us via contact form on our webpage . Thank you.

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    admin from IR

    Yes. This is the current workflow I have been using but it's not practical on large scale data sets of many images. Altering the .rcproject paths each time on batch is an extra manual process that has to be done carefully and thoughtfully. Same with folder renaming or moving image data sets around. It would be more ideal to be able to run specific scripts that support that command to alter the image paths using .bat files. There would then be less room for human error and more scope automation.

    I will stick to the current work around. Thank you.

    I posted here so that others could benefit from the discussion.

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