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component orientation flipped




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    Götz Echtenacher

    Hi Uwe,

    I've never experienced anything like this, although I only rarely use lidar in combination with photos.

    This seems quite buggy to me.

    The only thing I can contribute is that the visual representation in 3D, including the grid, have nothing to do with the coordinates in real space and will change arbitrarily. So I guess the bug is somewhere in the display area.

    I think there is a feature request somewhere from years ago - or at least some discussion - but so far nothing has changed afaik.

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    Rafa CR

    Hello Uwe, 

    Flipping of the scene can be caused by wrong placement of control points.
    Is your laser scan georeferenced ? 
    Does the scene flips when you set prior pose - absolute pose to - position ?


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    Uwe Majer

    Hi Rafa,

    let me comment to your suggestions

    ''Flipping of the scene can be caused by wrong placement of control points.''
    As above mentioned I already tried turning all control points off, but the alignment still turns out upside down.


    "Is your laser scan georeferenced ?"
    I am not 100% sure if we mean the same when we talk about georeferenced but every single lidar scan has a unique position in space. This point dont refer to an acutal position on earth but they are aligned to each other.


    "Does the scene flips when you set prior pose - absolute pose to - position ?"
    Setting the prior pose to position actually helps.


    Setting the lidar prior = position, which according to the manual will tell RC that the position is an approximation, will defeat the whole point of importing a set of lidar which are carefully aligned to each other right? Or in other words: doesnt it break the relationship of the lidar within itself?

    At the moment I am using my lidars as a base-truth. I am having indoor DSLR, outdoor DSLR and Drone images which are all aligned in a seperate component alongside with some of the lidars. My thinking was having a set of Lidar which covers indoor and outdoor will help glueing everything together and avoids errors. Setting my lidars now to prior pose = position, kind of defeats the main idea I was after. Please correct me if I am wrong on this.


    All of this leads me to a few more questions:

    1. Why does RC sets the orientation correctly when changing the priors to position even though it worked a plenty of times before?

    2. Is there a way to see the position of a lidar after alignment? I can just see the prior position but not the final position in space.


    Thank you,


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    Uwe Majer

    Dear Rafa,
    I just noticed that my post was set to answered. I kind of still think that there are some open questions here and would love to truly understand the problem why my components flip. Sorry if I come across pushy.

    Thank you,

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    Götz Echtenacher

    Hey Uwe,

    I think the Answered symbol is semi or filly automated.

    I've been trying to make this point many times but unfortunately to no avail...  :-(

    And you didn't come across as pushy imho.  :-)

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    Rafa CR

    Dear Uwe, 

    Please apologize my late reply.

    Yes you are right, if you want to keep absolute position of your laser scan you have to set prior pose to locked.

    When you changed priors to position your laser scans were recalculated along with the images and control points and that why result was "correct". This tells us that something is wrong with overall coordinates in your project. 

    There can be few things happening:
    1.Does your images have coordinates (gps data) please check if they are switched on, as this may interfere. 
    2. Please check in project settings if coordinate system is set to local or one that you intend to use?
    3. On the print screen that you posted before of flipped component properties Absolute coordinates are listed  - Undefined. there should be - Local or coordinates system that you use for your project. 

    Please try to export your project - does the result is flipped to ? If not then this is a display issue as Götz mentioned. 

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