Unexpected program state - Image Alignment Issues




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    Rafa CR

    what are your alignment settings?  
    Do you get error every time you try to align? Can you share print-screen and console view. 


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    Alignment settings are Default. I have attempted it on Low/Medium/High overlap.

    Max features per mpx: 10,000

    Max feature per image 40,000

    Image downscale 1

    reprojection error 2,00000


    Output of the console (after running an hour or 2):

    Feature detection competed in 14 seconds 

    Reconstruction failed after 2366,751

    Procession faild: Unexpected program state




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    Götz Echtenacher

    Hi ambembic,

    could you post a screenshot of the alignment settings and some control points?

    Are those simply tie points or do you use ground control?

    Could it be that there is a faulty one in there, as in did you maybe misplace one?

    Have you tried re-setting to factory settings and also emptying the cach might be worth a shot.

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