Guys, my photos are from a proffesional studio, but the reconstructed model looks so bad



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    Hi Javier,

    this reconstruction isn't too bad... Its your BBQ which isn't really good to be scanned...

    -It doesn't have much features for the algorithm to pick up.

    Therefore in the uniform colored black areas,

    where there aren't any points that stand out for the software to recognize, errors/holes occur...

    You could sprinkle it with some chalk, or put markers on it, or even give it some little dots with a white marker, to help alingnment in those areas....

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    javier soler esplugues

    Hi Djengis, thanks for the answer but i have more questions.

    - What do you main by "it doesnt have much features"?

    - If i put chalk, in the texturing part in realitycapture it will show up a lot of that chalk so i think its no viable for me. What do you by markers? inside the software?


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    Götz Echtenacher

    Hi javier,

    I agree with Djengis. Please don't take this the wrong way, but you keep asking the same questions which make it obvious that you are not quite familiar yet with some of the basic rules for photogrammetry. Not to worry, we've all been there. But there is quite a bit of advice out there with which you can learn a bit more about the fundamental mechanics.

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