¿Can someone tell whats wrong with my photos and the allignment?


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    Hi Javier,

    Several things :

    -your subject is pretty hard : featureless, glossy, symmetric - this is going to be difficult.

    -you should not mask your pictures. This is even the opposite, you should put highly featured objects around your subject (newspaper, magazines...) to help RC to align the pictures. Of course, don't forget to add a scale object to properly scale your object.

    On this kind of subjects, you have to find a way to add features : you could use powder, or even paint (with a toothbrush) to project a unique pattern on it and help the software to align. But this will damage the object - Non invasive technics could involve projecting structured light on the object (using a video projector, your project a pattern of random white dots or colored ones) - you need to do some tests to find what works for your subject.

    Good luck !

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