.PLY mesh export NOT saving vertex colour info




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    Zuzana Ďuríčková CR

    Hello jvattanasio,

    I just tried the .ply export both with and without colors and checked in Meshlab and it was exported correctly with vertices colors. Can you please check your file in other software?

    Regarding the exportVertexColors="0", I will check why the value is set to 0. However, it is the correct setting. When it is set to false, there is exportVertexColors="2". The same values are used for e.g. .obj export.

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    Hi Zuzana,

    My mistake! I was trying to bake a non-existent base texture in xNormal instead of the actual vertex colours. Everything is working fine now. Thank you!

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    Zuzana Ďuríčková CR

    Thank you for reporting back, I am glad to hear that it is working now :)

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