Align for separate lidar data



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    Götz Echtenacher

    Hi Chae Bi-Ryong,

    as far as I know there shouldn't be a limit like that in the demo.

    It's no surprise that your first try didn't work out because RC requires ordered pointclouds (as in individual stations) which I assume is what you meant with including position values.

    If it doesn't align all of them in a few seconds then there is something else wrong. PTX usually work reliably.

    Did you change things around in the alignment settings? Have you tried factory settings?

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    Chae Bi-Ryong

    Götz Echtenacher, Thank you for your kind answers. It was a problem because I did not read the manual and it is solved now. The file import option was the correct answer. By the way, what is factory settings? It is strange to me.

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    Götz Echtenacher

    Hmm, manuals are practical, aren't they?    :-)

    Factory settings will re-set all settings to the way the developers indended it to be, so the best for most cases.

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