White walls are textured with a mottled pattern



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    Tom Foster

    What do you do to get those flat wall interior surfaces to even register at all? I have tried everything and have failed so far to find a reliable procedure. Can you describe your photographing system - what density of photos, range, overlap, focal length, MPx, how you transition at corners, lighting - what's your secret?!

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    Wyatt Roy

    Haha thanks! I'm not sure how to describe my process in words, so I might try to make a video tutorial. The main thing I'm doing is making sure that the light hitting the walls is varied -- coming from windows, incandescent lamps, etc -- to give the walls a little bit of color variation. That way, when I photograph them, RC can make sense of it. 

    Oh-- then I spend 5 hours in VR using Oculus Medium making the walls less lumpy and filling in holes :)

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