Model Reconstruction - Model files corrupt?


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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Hello Smart Drones.

    What version of RealityCapture do you have?

    Are you using a network drive or an external hard drive?
    This can happen when you will lose access to the file path of you cache, dataset folder or project folder.
    Usually, this happens when your hard drive is disconnected during a large dataset calculation (it does not matter if your hard drive was reconnected in the meantime)

    Please also try this:
    please try to Make it like a clean install. (close RealityCapture before)
    1. reinstalling and updating Nvidia drivers, 
    2. removing cache (manually navigate to your cache location and remove the cache folder)
    3. Please try to "make it like a clean install" (this will reset your settings to default in the process):
    In order to do that:
    - Shift + Double LeftMouseClick on RealityCapture icon
    - From drop-down select make it like a clean install and press ok
    - Then try again

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