ARW import error



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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    About the ARW format, it seems, that there is a bug in the application. It is solving now.
    I'm sorry for your problem. Is there a particular reason that you want to use RAW files ? We advise following workflow: Shot in raw then convert / develop your files to jpg, tiff format. And process it in RC.  
    When you use original RAW files in RC they are decoded by your Windows, so you have no influence how it is done. And it is possible that the result will be not as quality as when using jpg/tiff files. 

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    Thank you for letting me know that a fix is being worked on. I look forward to that.

    I'm mainly using the RAW files for ease/speed as it saves me having to convert lots of files to jpg/tiff which can be time consuming. I do have the jpgs too (from the camera) so have been using those for now instead.

    Kind regards


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