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    Jakub Vanko RC

    Hello PREZ0,

    just a couple of things that came to my mind:

    • 1st challenge is obviously capturing the data, especially in dense urban environments with narrow streets. Some flight planning apps can plan facade inspection jobs, but sometimes the risk is too high, and it is better to fly the UAV and capture data manually.
    • Modern architecture uses a lot of glass. Glass causes issues for photogrammetry in all fields, but I see this as a huge problem, especially in modern architecture. The solution may be to cover the glass surfaces with fabric or other materials. This is doable on faceades with a couple of windows but difficult on buildings made from pure glass.

    I hope others users will also pitch in with their experience and help you with your thesis. Good luck, PREZ0!

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    Thanks for the input, JakubVanko. Great point about dense urban areas and the need for manual flight. I am already struggling with glass and reflections myself, so I am painfully aware of that one... :-) When it comes to the quality of the images, do you reckon drone-mounted camera take worse photos than one mounted on the ground on a tripod for example? Something to do with drone movement, wind, etc. perhaps? What about drone-mounted LiDar scanners? Have you dealt with point clouds generated this way?

    Someone also mentioned that certain urban developments generate wind tunnels which obviously have an impact on the flight. 

    Looking forward to hear more suggestions from the community.


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