FBX exported textures has missing parts and less textures than OBJ from same model?



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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Hi JaniVarjo, I noticed, that there is LOD in your FBX textures names. Did you export this model with same settings as OBJ?

    About the textures, what were your Unwrap settings and Texture settings?

    Can you try use these settings:

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    Yes, I am using same settings for export, i think at least.

    But i found a solution.

    for some reason if i export from workflow tab then i get the LevelOfDetail models and the LOD in file names.. and the missing faces issue happens again.

    If i export from the meshmodel export tab then i get the file as expected.

    There was also something funny going on when i accidentally exported today my model with fewer polygons from workflow tab export option, then all faces had textures again but mesh resolution was really low since i accidentally set some numbers there

    I noticed that there is not any way to reset settings for export dialog only.

    Anyway, now it works.


    I will be monitoring this issue later on better time

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