Add images as texture layer AFTER project was already aligned




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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Dear Jan,
    Please, what version or RealityCapture do you have?
    I checked it and your mentioned approach should work.
    For example - geometry image: 1.jpg  texture image: 1.jpg.texture.exr

    Also, you can have two folders, one for texture and one for geometry:
    Where the images should have the same name:
    1.jpg     1.exr
    Then just drag and drop folder with texture layer images and it should work.

    If it won't work, please try to "make it like a clean install" (this will reset your settings to default in the process):
    In order to do that:
    - Shift + Double LeftMouseClick on RealityCapture icon
    - From drop-down select make it like a clean install and press ok
    - Then try again

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    Jan Alfons

    I am using version 1.2 . Using the _texture folder workflow rather than rename exr files .jpg.texture.exr totally worked! Thanks!

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