Flight Log and flightlogs.xml ?


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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Hi Insepes 1,

    the values should be in degrees.

    About your second question:

    Please try adding this to the end of the flightlogs.xml file, it worked for me:

        <format desc="Name, X (East), Y (North), Alt, Omega, Phi, Kappa (character-separated)" reader="CapturingReality.Import.CSVFlightLog">
            <parser allowedSeparators=",; &tab;" comment="#" showIgnoreFirstline="true" qualifiers="&quot;optional">
                <Image index="0" format="name.ext"/>
                <X index="1" format="value"/>
                <Y index="2" format="value"/>
                <Altitude index="3" format="value"/>
                <Omega index="4" format="value"/>
                <Phi index="5" format="value"/>
                <Kappa index="6" format="value"/>

    Also, make sure that the file is saved, since if you don't have admin rights to the file, you will probably have to save again once in the Administrator mode (your editing software should warn you about this).

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