Textures from laser scan e57 file photos



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    Jakub Vanko CR

    Hello Marko,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We already have this feature request in our database, and we have increased its rating. Other users can also vote for the feature request and improve its rating. With a higher rating, the feature request has a bigger chance to be included in the development roadmap in the future. Once again, thank you for your patience.


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    Frank o Malley

    Hi Marko and Jakub,

    I have been fiddling to get better textures out of e57 tls scans.

    And wondering why the box projection images were ignored in RC.

    Its a bummer that when RC converts e57 to its lsp format, it kind of makes box projection camera positions and images, but they are not in the orientation of the scan data and the images are blocky and low res looking. They seem to be oriented to the world in relation to the registered point couds. I'm guessing the image quality could get better if your scan was extremely dense but this probably would cripple lot of workflows.

    I got better texture results by adding the e57 box projection images manually to the project and hoping RC would align them. Got 90% of them finding there place relatively well in one test scene by aligning a couple of times.

    There is a way to save them out the box projection images from Cloud Compare, but it will be painful. You will have to export them individually 6x per scan.

    Me an my colleague at work are experementing with leica RTC 360 data. The scanner and software creates 20480 x 10240 pixel 360 equirectangular hdr .exr file. We color graded the images and turned them to box projection images. and are experimenting with different fovs hoping the wider fov would allign beter.


    Here is a example of texture detail gains by adding box projection images.

    And yes please, implementing RC to read the image from the e57 and adding it to the project would be greatly appreciated.


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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Dear Frank o Malley, your vote was added to our feature request database

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