Tips for capturing branches, leaves, plants, vegetations, trees


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    Wallace Wainhouse CR


    There is no particular setting to use except you will probably want to use high detail. It looks from the sample pic that each leaf is only a few pixels wide. Then add to that the 2 x image downscale RC uses on normal detail and there isn't much leaf left to find features on. 

    You should also get a bit closer to the branches, imagine its a building and you are flying around it with a drone, you don't need to always have the whole thing in shot to get an alignment.

    Also everything is shot from above, so there isn't much data from both sides of the leaves, there should definitely be some more loops at different heights.

    The other thing is make sure to manually set your exposure especially if you have a bright light source on one side, any silhouetted pics will not be of much use.

    I just scanned this in high detail. It's not great as i need to make many compromises on my settings due to lack of light:

    Leaves are very tricky. Some scanning spray would also have helped a lot in my case. You need to get  a lot of detail because they are so thin.

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