Blurry textures (small part of the project vs entire project)



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    Jakub Vanko CR

    Hi there!

    I checked your texturing settings, and they are good. Fixed texel size and with the texel size set to optimal RC will generate 100% texture quality. 

    Your model has 33 16K textures. RC can render up to a single 16K texture in the real-time viewport. So that is why it is not a texturing problem but a viewing problem. You are looking at a downsampled one 16K texture. You have the correct textures but cannot display them in real time. 

    Try to render an image of the textured model and check the texture quality.



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    Hi Jakub,

    Thank you for your reply and yes- rendered orthophoto looks very detailed and crisp. 
    It's a shame I didn't thought about it before so I could save about 80hrs of different ways of processing haha xD

    Thanks again,
    All the best and I'm looking forward to see more of your YT tutorials :)


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