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    these points look like misalignments.

    Indeed you can fix them by:

    - shooting more images to get 80% overlap between your camera positions (inspect in the 3DS if you have enough coverage of cameras)

    - using a camera with the highest possible raw image quality (high resolution, correct white balance, correctly set exposure triangle, highest possible dynamic range, no noise, no AI processing, no undistortion, using only correctly focused images, etc.) - if these criteria are not met and dataset can be acquired again reshoot it again.

    - inspect your aligned cameras in the 2D if you are using constant diffuse lighting across all your images (if not reshoot your dataset)

    - using control points (keep in mind that reshooting the dataset will give you much better results than fixing these problems in the postproduction)

    You can watch this video on how to capture your images, so you won´t get these issues in the future: RealityCapture Tutorial: How to take photos for RealityCapture - YouTube


    Alternatively, if you cannot reshoot your dataset, you can use the point lasso tool to select part of your point cloud which is misaligned

    - then use the find images tool to see which images are producing these misalignments

    - then either use more control points (ideally 3 different control points that are present in 3 different images from multiple camera views) keep in mind that you need to use control points for both misaligned images and properly aligned images too

    - if that won´t help try to disable (ctrl+r) images that are misaligned (after clicking on find images, misaligned images will be selected)


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