RC uses masked pixels in texture projection


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    Wallace Wainhouse CR

    Hi Matt,

    masks are not used in texturing, although we do have a feature request for this, and i have added you to it. 

    One workaround would be to use texture reprojection from your original model, rather than texturing the simplified model.

    For instance i made a spike sticking out from this heavily simplified apple and here it is textured from scratch:


    and here it is with the texture reprojected from the original model:

    For another workaround, you can use your masks to create an alpha channel on the images themselves. I used After effects, imported the images as sequences with masks on top  and set the masks blending mode to "stencil luma". Then rendered as a png sequence with alpha. But you could also probably batch process this in other software.

    this way when you texture, there is no background to spill onto the object:

    If you need to keep the background for alignment then only use these images with the alpha as a texture layer.



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