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Import and Texture a Model Created in Maya



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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Hi cinamizzy,

    The main thing is that RealityCapture is Z up and Maya and other SW´s are Y up oriented.
    However, if you are using the .rcinfo file (this is generated when you export a model), your orientations will be the same as on import, just make sure to not rotate the object in the 3rd party software and then just rename the obj file so it will have the same name as the obj that was exported from RC and properly paired to .rcinfo file.

    Did you use Maya Scene transformation setting, when you exported the model?

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    I appreciate the response. Yes, I am using the Maya Scene transformation setting when exporting. I am also making sure to rename the file from Maya to match the rcinfo file. I am using fbx for everything because when I export an obj from RC and try to import it into Maya, I get an error saying that Maya cannot read the file. Right now, when I try to import an fbx into RC, it is crashing immediately. I am unsure if I am missing something or getting any settings wrong.

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    Ondrej Trhan CR


    can you please try these export settings:

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