Has Anyone Figured out Fixed-Position Cameras using a Motorized Turntable?


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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Hi DotScott3,

    can you post here some of your images?

    This could be problematic, as the camera position is still the same and the object is rotating. 

    Camera movement of just 0.001 millimeters or camera rotation of 0.00001 degrees is visible in an image. Therefore the camera setup has to be fixed really firmly. In such case, the application uses the XMP metadata (exported as locked) in the alignment process and computes (really) the same alignment as was the one from which the XMP metadata was exported.

    Is it possible to use some control points, which will be place on the rotation table with set coordinates (then these could be used as GCPs and they could be find automatically)?

    As you mentioned about bundler, yes, then you will need to rename the images to follow the rules and the correct names.

    When you import back the XMPs, do you set the Prior pose as Position and orientation?

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