Changing Control Point Images options via CLI


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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Hi Ronski, it is theoretically possible.

    First, you need to change the measurementsexport.xml file to export just images path, like:

    <format id="{B1F2CB68-599C-47DF-A4F2-C51FC90FE579}" mask="*.csv" descID="8392" desc="File Path" writer="CapturingReality.Export.ControlPoints" supportsGeoref="0" requires="cpm">


    Then you can use this CLI for creation of a file with used images for scaling:

    %app% -newScene ^
    -addFolder "D:\Testing\Datasets\Full_body\fbs_sample\Set2-a\.geometry" ^
    -detectMarkers ^
    -exportControlPointsMeasurements "D:\Testing\CLI\Disabling_images_with_measurement\Outputs\cpm.txt"


    And use this cmp.txt in a loop like: 

    for /f "tokens=*" %%x in (D:\Testing\CLI\Disabling_images_with_measurement\Outputs\cpm.txt) do (
      -selectImage "%%x"
      -enableAlignment "false"
      -enableMeshing "false"
      -enableTexturingAndColoring "false"

    But wasn't able to work with it. This is just a sketch how to do it. 

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