Include image px width and height in the Internal/External Camera Parameters CSV export



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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Hi Josh,

    you can create your own export, which will contain the width and height. As these are not a part of internal/external camera parameters, this could be a solution for you.

    You can find more about this in the application help under Cameras (Functions and Variables Available in the Reports). More you can find in Report Templates help section

        Index: $(index)
        Image width [pixels]: $(width)
        Image height [pixels]: $(height)
    Or you can change the file calibration.xml in  C:\Program Files\Capturing Reality\RealityCapture to:
    <format id="{0CA18733-1EBC-4254-9974-17197EB409BD}" mask="*.csv" descID="8370" desc="Internal/External camera parameters" writer="cvs" requires="component">
            <body EulerFormat="zyx">#name,width,height,x,y,alt,heading,pitch,roll,f,px,py,k1,k2,k3,k4,t1,t2
    which will export the csv also with width and height.
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    Hi Ondrej, thanks, very helpful! With regards to the first option, can you please clarify what our own custom export would look like that contains all of the information currently in the internal/external camera parameters file, plus px width and px height? 

    Is it possible to force to coordinate reference system used at the custom export level rather than relying on the end user to pick it? EPSG:4978 for example. 

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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    First option is for report, if you want to have this the same as Internal/External parameters file, then the second option is easier.

    It also depends, how you will create the files. The process is described in Help.

    For example, this is simplified version what you can get:

    HTML file

    Image name: DSC_0751.JPG Image width [pixels]: 6000 Image height [pixels]: 4000 x: 30.2551707243025 y: 0.9231279850409444 z: 38.05004162439788 yaw: -179.8109348164653 pitch: 0.8191730466859102 roll: -51.87801861509646 Focal length: 27.2630005296885 px: -1.96810914704386e-002 py: -4.26293334284049e-003 Radial 1: -0.171517572508067 Radial 2: 0.121961740006112 Radial 3: -2.18547413326563e-002 Radial 4: 0 Tangential 1: 0 Tangential 2: 0

    CSV file

    It all depends on how you will set these files.

    If you use the second option, it will look like this:

    If you have set the output coordinate system and it is georeferenced, then the XYZ values should be in the output coordinate system (it is calculated during alignation).


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