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    Matej Kuric


    There may be multiple things that could affect the alignment in that way:

    - lack of data

    - incorrectly captured images

    - issues with the area of focus

    - incorrect geo-location information

    In this case, based on my opinion, it could be a combination of the incorrectly captured images, and the issues with the area of focus. 

    The terrain is all the same color, and living things (even plants, trees, and grass) are constantly moving, and that may cause alignment issues. In your project, it seems that the greenery prevails so I would assume that this may have been a part of the issue. 

    I would recommend taking images from multiple heights, especially if you are taking 'detail' images of just certain parts of the terrain (those shots in vertical lines). Maybe raising the upper shooting grid a meter or two, and creating another shooting grid a meter or two above the highest tree. This will give more information about the depth.

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