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Georeference points on 3D Model



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    Ondrej Trhan CR

    Hi Jonas, I will try to answer your questions

    1) It is not possible directly do in RealityCapture. To see the coordinates you need to have created control points (there is more option for that) and when you click on control point in 1Ds view, there is option to see its actual coordinates. Also, if you have created ortho, you can see the actual position if the mouse arrow above created ortho. 

    2) You can upload it as GCPs, but to see the precision they need to be assigned to the images (then can be used as check points). To compare model and GPX data would be better to use CloudCompare

    3) You have more options when you are exporting the model. I suppose you used pre-defined settings which means that Grid coordinates were used. To export it georeferenced, you need to have set Project and Output coordinate system and during model export you need to set Projected output in Scene transformation section. It is georeferenced according to information from the images (there is written their geolocation in EXIF). But in mostly cases this is not so precise and there could be errors in meters.

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    Hi Ondrej,

    ah thanks for leading me in the right direction. I did convert to wgs84 and was able to see the wanted coordinates of set control points. With this I was able to compare some key points and everything seems to be lined up quite nicely. I am currently setting up cloudcompare and will explore its capabilities.

    I might however export the coordinates in a local cartesian coordinate system. With this I should be able to write a skript in blender or similar to then display the gpx track in 3D after I also converted the GPX file to said coordinate system. This gives me good options to automate the process which is where I want to go,

    Thanks so far :)

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