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  • Null GPS coordinates detection

    Hello, I often get the case where some of the drone images are not geotagged, either because the flight was rushed, or the drone flew at some point into some kind of canyon/interior.In those cases,...

  • Color model with Laser scan intensity values


    Hello everyone, I am currently running some tests to better know RC's capabilities regarding laser and images merging. I generated a model from a few _uncolored_ scans. Current coloring settings ge...

  • Set Coordinate Reference System from CLI


    Be able to set the project coordinate and output coordinate system from CLI using for example --projectcrs and --outputcrs

  • Select Multiple cameras on Map view

    It is currently only possible to select a single camera on the map view, via left click. It would be a good thing to also be able to select multiple cameras using box or lasso tools in Map view - w...

  • Set Coordinate Reference System from CLI


    Hi all,  I know there is a -set option in CLI to set application settings. I cannot however find a list of all settings available, and would like to set both the project coordinate system and outpu...

  • Unexpected error: 0x8600001d


    I tried to launch the following command line (513 images already aligned on a 256GB RAM with dual GTX1080) : "pathToRC.exe" -load "pathToRCproj" -selectMaximalComponent -setReconstructionRegionAuto...

  • Texturing model failed : [0x4001\0x7\0x7]

    I tried to texturize a 40m by 40m with 0.4 mm texels (to compute the ortho at the maximum resolution available).I have 4 000 cameras oriented, a good 3D model (texturized successfully at 1 cm)...

  • Positioning of CPs does not keep selection state

    When placing of the Control Points (CPs): when I go in component 1, select several photos and put them in one 2D view, then go to component 2 (or same component) and select other images and pu...

  • Projecting CPs (control points) in given image


    A nice addition with Control Points (CPs) placement would be1- (optional) to be able to place them in the sarse point cloud directly for a broad positioning. 2- once a CP is already placed in ...

  • Export features: 360, video render, las point file

    Hi, here are some export features that would be useful: - being able to export a 360 image (equirecangular for example) - exporting *.las point cloud directly - instead of exporting xyz, befor...