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  • Inspection for camera distance

    I think it could be a great benefit to have the inspection tool with color coding for image distance (eg. red closest, blue furthest), which would make it much easier to identify doubled images or ...

  • Texture not ideal

    Recently, I noticed that some of my results were not es good as I expected. Because even though the geometry was very good and precise (high detail with some careful simplification), I still ended ...

  • Export ortho with custom background colour

    Would be nice to be able to choose the background colour for orthophoto export. I mean the background of the entire image, not the backside of the mesh...

  • Mesh triangle selection options

    Would be nice to have an option to define wheter a triangle in a mesh shall be selected with one, two or all three vertices in the lasso or rectangle.

  • More Unwrap Options

    Having recently learned more about unwrapping, I realized how powerful the unwrap algorythm within RC is. https://support.capturingreality.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360019538991-UV-Map-Gutter-Pr...

  • Which component is the base for further calculations?

    I've always been wondering which component the next alignment will be based n - the first one, the last one or the active one? Any insights?

  • Ortho Export JPG compression customizable

    As far as I know it is not possible to adjust the compression rate of orthophotos. That would be a nice-to-have!

  • Orthophoto additional info

    It would be useful to know which model an orthophoto has been rendered from.

  • Get settings from alignment / model

    Would be handy if it were possible to get alignment or reconstruction settings from an already existing component or model with a button instead of having to compare each and every value...

  • Find images for marked triangles

    With the sparse point cloud, it is very handy to be able to mark some points and then have the source images displayed. With the mesh however, it is not possible, so if there is an anomaly and not ...