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  • work with cpu only or intergrated intel gpu


    it would be helpful to run rc on a laptop without nvidia gpu. I'm only interested in running alignment stage, just to test the photos will stitch together later. I wouldn't be running any reconstru...

  • steam update?


    How long dose it normally take for steam to update to latest version? I have automatic updates turned on. but i'm still at version 2600. thanks

  • smart smoothing tools


    I'd like to see a new smoothing tool, that will keep building edges sharp, while smoothing out flat surfaces a lot.

  • bare earth models

    It would be nice to have some classification of objects like trees etc. so these could be removed from the model. ideally with enough photos, these won't show up in the texture either.

  • recontruction region divide into grid

    I know reconstruction regions are in plain text and easy to write a script to do this (if your good at that). but it would be nice if you could set one large reconstruction region, have have t...

  • archive function

    This isn't really high priority. but would be nice. Collects all source images, project files, and optional for cache. and saves them into a folder or zip file. bonus if it re-targets all of t...

  • 16bit tif output


    I've just a quick test using 16bit tifs as input. but when i go to create texture and output them as tifs again. the textures only use 8bit. I'd also like the option of a full 32-bit exr workf...

  • adding new camera for textures to exsiting mesh?

    is it possible to build a mesh with one set of images. then come back a week later, and align new images to the same set. and then only use these for texturing without rebuilding the mesh? thi...

  • auto save

    Hi, I would really like it if rc would by default auto save after each stage or after x amount of minutes. and it would be good to have 3 - 5 versions ie, autoback1,autoback2 etc... I'm ok wit...

  • save each model part as they are created

    I think this may have come up before. but I'd like to be able to use the mesh parts that have been created already if i cancel it or it crashes. quite often i have a lot of trouble on the last...