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  • Where to control Undistort settings

    I'm searching in each of the settings dialog boxes and export settings for where I'm to set Undistort parameters for cameras on export, not finding it. The Help features a page on Undistorted Image...

  • Cameras not showing on Component

    I've aligned 239 cameras, fine sparse point cloud, but where are my cameras? They're enabled in Scene. The Component indicates each their inclusion under Camera poses and number of tie points. Any ...

  • Question: Optimizing resolution using Optimal Texel Size and normal maps

    It seems I'm only partially understanding how to optimize resolution in the geometry and texture info, thanks if someone can fill in the gaps. Reconstruction at High, immediately followed by Unwrap...

  • OBJ version option missing


    I'm working with 3rd party apps requiring an older (2014) version of OBJs, hasn't been a problem selecting this option in the RC dialogue on export. Now it's missing, no options: Was this lost in ...

  • Unwrap parameters question

     I need some clarification around how Unwrap using Optimal is influenced by Maximal texture count v. Fixed texel size v. Adaptive. If I'm after gleaning 100% of what's in the data, I'd think Maxima...

  • Color Issue

    Warning, this gets a bit confusing. I have a light source I use for capture, depending on setup it produces slightly different spectral distribution, but it's been too long since the first of three...

  • Cache Issue


    I ran out of storage due to temp folder swelling during a sizable reconstruction, wish to avoid having to recalculate depth maps, etc., so I've assigned a custom location on another SSD, copied RCs...

  • Define Distance


    I noticed that the video tutorial for Define Distance using two CPs under Help shows an older version of the software with an Update button to click after entering a distance value by Defined dista...

  • Navigation and Suggested Control Points

    I'm working with Suggest Points and encountering wonderful upsides as well as gotchas/slow downs. I think this feature could save a ton of time if a particular downside could be addressed. Before I...

  • Point Lasso greyed out under Alignment


    This may be operator error, but I'm trying to pull up the point lasso under Alignment and see it's disabled. Before running Preview it was there and functioning, then was greyed out. I tried switch...