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  • Out of Disk Space anomaly


    I'm getting an Out of Disk Space error when running Reconstruction, thanks for troubleshooting. My cache folder is set to the project folder residing on a 256 GB SSD disk with but 1.76 GB occu...

  • Licensing Q

    My 90 day license will soon expire, may soon build a new PC, not to get stuck. What's possible here? If I renew the 90 day on this machine, can I then move that license to a new PC? Will my .r...

  • enlarge Define Ground Plane and Center Pivot tools

    It seems the graphic for the Define Ground Plane is like 1 pixel wide, have to be ever so careful to rollover to get hold of an axis, and when I do, if I'm not totally careful to drag along th...

  • Features <Different values> locked out


    I had set all cams in two Components with overlapping images to Features: Merge using overlaps, RC crashed so I tried switching all the cams in the smaller Component to Use all image features,...

  • Exporting Registration -- Operation failed


    When I try to export Registration I get the following error: Missing_PIC.JPG On a second attempt, same error with a different image listed as not matching. The images in 2Ds appear to match, h...

  • Problem aligning overlapping components


    I've got two Components containing about a dozen photos common to both, so why won't these align into a single Component? There are issues with the photography, but I've managed to make much o...

  • Bad tie-ins, suspect corrupted alignment data

    I had a sequence of 54 aligned photos, was working on a separate sequence, which when growing its number of aligned photos caused the component with 54 photos to drop to 53. I deleted the new ...

  • Alignment falling apart

    I've got a Component with some 164 cameras aligned, had created various tie-ins to build up this bigger component from about six smaller ones. I have just a couple of images in the sequence th...

  • Noise in Mesh


    I'm still struggling to understand what's causing noise in my mesh and what settings in Reconstruction might help alleviate the artifacts. I'm attaching a snip from RC with red outlined noise,...

  • UDIMs revisited


    I'm trying out the workflow for exporting a mesh, retopologizing, then reprojecting in RC. After cleaning I retopologized in ZBrush, was sure to copy the associated .rcinfo file and rename it ...