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  • UDIMs revisited


    I'm trying out the workflow for exporting a mesh, retopologizing, then reprojecting in RC. After cleaning I retopologized in ZBrush, was sure to copy the associated .rcinfo file and rename it ...

  • Troubleshooting artifacts


    I'm encountering a patterned artifact when running a particular batch of photos, roughed up geometry in which the color of these bumps seems to hold a clue what's causing it. I'm attaching scr...

  • Reconstruction Region Q


    I'm trying to develop a workflow that provides for seamless render meshes from RC dropping into a common scale and coordinate system in UE4. A Reconstruction Region of 10x10x10 size and center...

  • Alignment in RC


    Clearly this is a case of inadequately overlapping or overly converged photography, but I'd like to share varying results I got aligning the same batch of images in RC and in Autodesk Remake. ...

  • Using components in large sets


    I'm modeling large cave chambers, have been getting my feet wet with RC working on one mesh, only 100-300 images per mesh, but these are 52 MP, so with default settings I've seen 400 M tris fo...

  • Smoothing Groups?

    I've exported an FBX and opened in Maya, looks smooth, imported into UE4 and get message, "No Smoothing Groups identified...", mesh looks blocky. I read elsewhere of someone encountering this ...

  • Unexpected program state


    After some five hours high quality reconstruction, I proceeded to Texture, was surprise to see the progress bar move so slowly, was reporting some 10+ hours to completion, which I'm more used ...

  • Workflow Q: control points and unused images


    When I bring 350 images in and alignment returns say 10 components that together only account for 270 images, how best to call up the problem children and select which images to add control po...

  • New User - using components

    Hello, first test drive with RC demo is really impressive, have worked through tut, read some posts about the new FBX export function, am curious how this will work out managing texture qualit...

  • New User Qs, FBX and Settings


    I'm test driving RC demo mode, intuitive GUI and everything looks great. I've read through the FAQ and see very recent threads in the forum regarding the new FBX export feature, have a few que...