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  • Do alignment settings affect reconstruction?


    Hello!   I can do alignment in 2 ways:   1) I choose fast alignment settings (like image downscale factor 4), and alignment is very quick. If not all images were aligned during the first alignment,...

  • Reprojection

    Hello,   I can't try it yet as I'm still testing the demo version, so I would like to ask "flying blind". Let's say I captured a tree, and I only have the lower part of it, and I want to model the ...

  • What might help making a very sparse point cloud more dense?

    Hello!   I have a model that has an extraordinary sparse point cloud. Usually, my point clouds are rather dense, but not this one.   Does anybody have any tip for me on how to make it denser? All c...

  • How does RC actually work?

    Hello.   I find myself spending way too much time taking photos. I became really quick, but anyways, it takes ages because RC needs so many images. I saw some drawings in posts here that shows how ...

  • Recovering lost geometry


    Hello,   I have a good photoset of 100 images, all cameras aligned, the model looks good. However, I have a single problem: The nose is cut off. https://s18.postimg.org/d23ey466x/nose1.png    The n...

  • Advices for speeding up reconstruction?


    Hello!   I would like to ask if somebody could share his practices for faster reconstruction. I have learnt how to handle image alignment. I first start with downscale 4, then I align the "missed" ...

  • Dealing with skin

    Hello!   I'm having a hard time with skin. Could anybody tell me his alignment settings for dealing with close up skin (let's say a hand covers 1 / 2 of an image)? Without laser scans...   Thank you!

  • Image view in 1+2+1 layout

    Can you make the following? In the 1+2+1 layout there are 2 2D image views. We click an image in the image hierarchy on the left (either from the "Images" or from the "Control Point->Images" sectio...

  • Testing alignment settings with Draft?


    I read through all the help and the forums, but I don't find a clear statement to my question. Can I use the Draft button to test for the best alignment settings?  

  • Group components into runs of alignments

    When I run a new alignment, all new components go directly into the root of the hierarchy tree. With many alignments (which I need to do to find good alignment settings), the hierarchy tree gets po...