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  • Built-in removal tool for particles

    In another photogrammetry software there is a tool to remove particles I want to see such a tool in RC.

  • Group components into runs of alignments

    When I run a new alignment, all new components go directly into the root of the hierarchy tree. With many alignments (which I need to do to find good alignment settings), the hierarchy tree gets po...

  • Preserving view when switching components

    RC splits my photos into 2 components. I click each component and try to align it so that when I switch to the other component, they appear at approximately the same position so that I can compare ...

  • Advices for speeding up reconstruction?


    Hello!   I would like to ask if somebody could share his practices for faster reconstruction. I have learnt how to handle image alignment. I first start with downscale 4, then I align the "missed" ...

  • Make ground plan solid?

    In order to quickly check the rotation of my model, I would like to make the ground solid. If the model goes through it, it should appear as "cut off". This way I could quickly check the rotation a...

  • Make new ground plane static

    I have corrected the orientation of my model using the "Define ground plan" button. How can I make this new position static? Right now, model is correctly rotated, but the rectangular box hangs in...

  • Creating new model from clipped region

    When I draw a clipping box or define a reconstruction area, how could I turn that into a new, separate model? Thank you.

  • Auto-Clean cache files


    When my disk drive has only 8 GB left (hundreds of GB filled by RC cache files), I can't go on working, and RC blanks out. It would be RC's responsibility to automatically offer to clear cache file...

  • Do alignment settings affect reconstruction?


    Hello!   I can do alignment in 2 ways:   1) I choose fast alignment settings (like image downscale factor 4), and alignment is very quick. If not all images were aligned during the first alignment,...

  • Reprojection

    Hello,   I can't try it yet as I'm still testing the demo version, so I would like to ask "flying blind". Let's say I captured a tree, and I only have the lower part of it, and I want to model the ...